I am sure you know the feeling. There are moments in one's life that just get under your skin - when you know you have to take action now. I had one last August, when I saw this video:

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Canine Distemper in Dogs

Canine distemper is a highly contagious and in 50% of all cases fatal disease for dogs worldwide, transmitted mostly through contact with respiratory secretions. Puppies under four months of age and unvaccinated dogs are at most risk. Canine distemper can occure with all dog-like animals - weasels, ferrets, skunks, racoons, badgers, etc. Domestic cats are not susceptible to canine distemper.

The signs of infected pets vary from case to case: high fever, depression, discharge from the eyes and nose, loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, coughing, labored breathing, diarrhea and many neurological symptoms like muscle twitching, weakness, paralysis, uncoordinated movements and increased sensitivity to touch or pain.

Unfortunately there is no specific treatment for the distemper virus. Treatment depends on the symptoms shown. The best prevention of distemper is vaccination. Animals suspected of having distemper should be isolated from others and a vet should be notified immediately.

Alone in Belgrade

Lina's lucky day

Lina lived on the streets in Belgrade and was spotted by Svetlana. That was Lina's lucky day, because Svetlana is one of the rare humans, who does not just look away and walk by, but takes action immediately. She took the video, made pictures and shared Lina's fate with the world - and thanks to Andjelija and Susanne Lina made it into my timeline. That was the moment when I knew, I have to help.

New safe home with new furry friends

After a few talks with Andjelija we have decided I will take the sponsorship and she will try to find a suitable pension for her. As soon as it was possible, Andjelija found a great new home for Lina and brought her to Stevan, who is a blessing for all animals out there and runs his own pension for them, where he takes as many of them as possible.

The first few days in the new home were not easy for Lina, because the other dogs could not understand her head-knocking and her nervous tics, but after a while they adopted her and are playing with her like best friends.

Sweet Little Lina in Dog Pension

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

It's just amazing.

There is so much we can learn from our furry friends. Only few days ago we have shared with you a story about Gwen - little cat born with massive hind legs malformation, who went blind on top of that, but did not give up at all and fights her way through life. And yet here's just another one - Lina, conquering Canine Distemper, which is fatal for more than the half of all cases, living on the streets with the neurological consequences of this disease without any help - and still enjoying life and never giving up. It is very surprising and admirable, how much willpower these little creatures put up, simply dealing with any circumstances, no matter how unfavorable they may be.

Lina - Safe in Dog Pension

This is a big demonstration why it makes sense to care for every single animal out there with all our power because they were born to live and they have a right to do so.

Together we can

Thanks to Svetlana, Andjelija and Stevan Lina is off the street and safe, taken care of by the best possible person and we are happy to have the chance to be the sponsor for her, making it possible for her to live a happy life. There may be a big geographic distance between Vienna and Belgrade and maybe another one between our nations, but there is no distance between our hearts.

Let this be an inspiration for all of us.

Supporters & Foster home for Lina

Lina is safe now, but we are still looking for supporters and a foster home or a family, who would like to give her a new fur-ever home. If Lina took over your heart just like mine and you're looking for a new furry friend or want to help in any way, please contact us or Stevan to get more information about her and to tell us more about you.

Saving little Lina

Thanks for reading. And now go and hug your furry friend to show him how happy you are to have him in your life.

Copyright Notice: Video & Pictures © by Svetlana, Andjelija and Stevan
Autor: Martin Waiss

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